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BCCI wants tri series in Australia to be decided by a debate between Dhoni, George Bailey and Eoin Morgan

21, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

Chennai. Having lost both the ODI matches that India has played so far in Carlton Mid ODI tries series in Australia, BCCI now wants the fate of the tri series to be decided by a debate.

BCCI has asked Cricket Australia to scrap the remaining series and replace it with a presidential style debate between captains of Indian, Australian and England team, to decide the winner of the tri series.

BCCI is banking on Dhoni's excellent communications and oratory skills to steer India through.
BCCI is banking on Dhoni’s excellent communications and oratory skills to steer India through.

“We congratulate both Austalian and England team for winning against us and challenge them for a public debate to decide outcome of the remaining series,” BCCI tweeted from official handle.

BCCI further declared that it would have no problem if the debate is moderated by a neutral person like Ravi Shastri or Sunil Gavaskar and telecast by all.

“By now every cricket fan is aware of the cricketing skills and capabilities of all the three teams. So there is no point playing matches and demonstrating them all over again,” argued a BCCI official dismissing the importance of tri series.

“It would be now more interesting to see what agenda and vision the leaders of the respective team have for the upcoming world cup and whether they are capable enough to lead the team for the prestigious tournament,” he further explained.

Following the announcement by BCCI, several sports channels expressed interest in telecasting the debate, and tagged Dhoni, George Bailey and Eoin Morgan, inviting them for the debate.

Dhoni reportedly replied to all those invitations with “Sir Ji, I am ready. Plz persuade Bailey and Morgan also”.

On not getting a favorable response from both Bailey and Morgan, Dhoni’s close aides and teammates Ashwin, Raina and Jadeja were seen digging some old tweets of both, where they had hinted that they were in favor of debates, and asked them why the u-turn now.

Meanwhile Pakistan cricket team has alleged that BCCI is conspiring with ICC as well, to convert even Pakistan’s most awaited world cup match against India into a debate between Pakistani players and Indian players.

“They know they are losing, that’s why they are hitting below the belt now,” said Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal.