Tuesday, 7th April, 2020


Besieged with pointed questions from media after team India's defeat, Ravi Shastri does a Kirit Somaiya, replies with 'maine aapko jawab de diya hai' 

15, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

It was a match that cricket fans and especially team India would like to forget. After a crushing defeat at the hand of the Australia, the team was at the receiving end of criticism on social media. Post match press conference too turned out be a nightmare for players. Team Coach Ravi Shastri was besieged with questions related to the teams spineless performance that led to the defeat. He however chose to do a Kirit Somaiya and replied with  ‘maine aapko jawab de diya’ to pointed questions posed by the media.


Speaking to Faking News, a sports reporter who was present at the event spoke to us and said, “Everyone was curious to know the reason behind the team’s humiliating defeat. Was it a bowling failure or did the batsmen let us down. But it seemed that the coach was not ready to take any of the questions and kept repeating the line ‘maine aapko jawab de diya hai‘. Clueless reporters kept asking, but got the same response every single time.”

Sources say that the press conference ended with nothing but the standard aforementioned response. There was a momentary respite when Kohli and Dhawan added their thoughts on the match.

“Mr. Shastri has lost touch with commentary and that is showing. And for a match result like what we had today, he was totally out of word. His usual lines ‘match going down the wire’ and ‘that is what the doctor ordered’  couldn’t be used so he probably used that line for lack of a better response,” the source added.

Shastri’s response went beyond the press conference. His driver too got the same response when he questioned ‘Sahab kaha chalna hai’. It was later that the driver used his discretion and drove home.

It seems Mr. Somaiya’s reply to news reporter has now gone viral. At a neighborhood engineering college too, ill-prepared students appearing for viva exams were seen responding with ‘maine jawab de diya hai’ to questions posed by examiners.