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Bihari cricketer thinks even Yo-Yo test can be copied and passed; fails miserably

12, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Prior to the England tour, Virat Kohli and Indian coach Ravi Shastri had made it clear that players have to clear the Yo-Yo test in order to play for India. While Shastri in his inimitable manner was clear that YoYo test is here to stay, Kohli said that one should look at it as a “hard call” that benefits the team rather than being emotional. But the consequences of Yo-Yo test are spreading fast across the country, some of which are very weird. A Bihari cricketer named Shwetank Srivastava actually thought that just like all the other exams or tests, even Yo-Yo can be cleared by copying or cheating. It was only during the test that he realized that clearing yo-yo is way tougher than it seems.hjmka

Shwetank is a talented player with truckloads of runs in the domestic circuit. He has been continuously knocking on the doors of the selection committee for a place in the Indian side. But now with the Yo-Yo test included in the criteria for selection, players like Shwetank have a tough road ahead. But, he could have cleared the test had he prepared for it. But just like his school exams, he thought even this can be copied and passed. So he just waited for the test day. It came to him as a surprise that there was no written exam here, and one had to actually go through the physical drill. He tried looking at internet videos to clear the exam just like he had used his phone for cheating in school exams, but all in vain. In fact, Shwetank’s Yo-Yo score is one of the lowest in India and it will take a beating.

We hope that through this article many budding cricketers will realize the importance and the real meaning of the Yo-Yo test.