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Bored of mocking Ishant Sharma & Co, Indian Cricket fans demand new bowlers to bash

09, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Indian cricket fans have signed a petition demanding Indian cricket team selectors to induct new bowlers into the team whom they can now bash.

Fans were reportedly bored of mocking likes of Ishant Sharma & Co time and again after a poor bowling performance by them.

Hence, many didn’t feel like taking a dig at them despite their pedestrian performance in the ongoing first day of first test match between India and Australia.

Fans have had enough of these two.
Fans have apparently had enough of these two.

“I have some 60 jokes on Ishant in my twitter drafts. But what’s the point. I hardly get 2-3 retweets to those jokes now. Nobody is interested. I infact get more gaalis that retweets to those jokes now,” claimed an anonymous Twitter celeb.

Fans argue that nothing seems to affect these old bowlers now.

“They seemed to have gotten used to bashing just like Sanjay Jha has got used to Arnab thrashing him every time he comes on a Newshour debate,” claimed another fan.

When asked how are they so confident that these new bowlers would be equally bad and that they would give fans a chance to mock them, a 55 year old fan said, “I have been following Indian cricket for many decades now and I am convinced nothing can change India’s bowling performance for the better, no matter whosever comes.”

“So why devoid fans a chance of bashing fresh bowlers,” he asked.

Fans however hailed selectors for inducting Karn Sharma in playing eleven in place of Ashwin and have urged them to do same with fast bowlers.

Bowlers in their defense however claim that they are only suffering from “Dhoni syndrome” and would be back to their best in the last 2 days of the test match.

“We all are affected by Dhoni bhai’s syndrome, hence we may appear lethargic and disinterested in the beginning but trust me we would be back to our best in later stages of the game,” Ishant Sharma’s translator conveyed his feelings to us.

Few bowlers further blamed out of reckoning fast bowler Munaf Patel for the lethargy being displayed by them on the field.

“He may not have been selected. But I feel his spirit is with us,” argued Mohammad Shami.