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Media hails Taimur after India's win, says Kedar Jadhav's release point is equal to Taimur's height

20, Sep 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Rohit was really happy with the way his bowlers performed, especially Jadhav, who got three important wickets. “Kedar has been working on his bowling, and he takes his bowling seriously. It augurs well for the team, and the wickets are a bonus for us. His overs in middle are very crucial, especially after Hardik’s injury,” Rohit said. Kedar Jadhav’s unconventional release point during delivery stride has made many batsmen go searching for the ball and in the process give away their wicket.BeFunky-collage

Jadhav has three variations in his bowling, namely, low, lower and lowest. It is very difficult to play against his balls as he never gets any bounce from the pitch. Pakistani team is finding short heightened batsmen in the country to quickly send them to Dubai to tackle Kedar’s bowling. Such is the impact that Kedar has made. Coaches around the world are asking for new bowling machines which can deliver balls from a very low trajectory to make their batsmen simulate the conditions of facing Kedar Jadhav in the matches. TV channels have started placing low trajectory cameras to capture the bowling of Kedar as the normal camera doesn’t show the ball reaching the batsmen as it is too low.

“I certainly haven’t been bowling it all along. But I like creativity so when I was bowling, I realized off-spinners are usual. Anyone who does not know to bowl will bowl off-spin. That’s when I tried a few new things like the sidearm ball and it worked. I tried it in the match and it got me wickets so stuck with it,” Kedar had told a few months back to a news source.