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Bowlers file a PIL in Karnataka court opposing presence of Kohli and AB in the same team

17, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: All IPL bowlers association has filed a PIL in Karnataka High Court against the presence of AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli in the same side. All the bowlers currently playing in the IPL came together to file this PIL after Kohli and de Villiers smashed all of them around during the course of this year’s IPL.

Kohli AB
Best partnership since Jai-Veeru

Currently Virat Kohli sits atop the list of run scorers in this year’s IPL with 753 runs at an average of nearly 84 while de Villiers is second with 597 runs at an average of nearly 60. However, thanks to Royal Challengers Bangalore’s strong bowling and fielding, they aren’t among the playoff spots yet.

Speaking to Faking News, a fast bowler from a team in the playoff spots said, “We have to stop them before they take our spot in the playoffs. We have tried everything on the field, seam bowling, spin bowling, Yorkers, bouncers, everything and they have dispatched everything to the fence. We can’t rely on their bowling to allow other teams to go through to the playoffs; therefore, we are taking legal means to stop them.”

When we asked what courts can do about it, he said, “This is a human rights issue. Bowlers have a right to a respectable life just like everyone else and these two are stripping us of all our dignity. We can tolerate one of them at the crease but both of them together, it is an absolute nightmare. Hopefully, the esteemed court can take note of our plight and ban one of these two.”

A leading spinner currently playing in the IPL also echoed the thoughts of his bowling comrade. “We are afraid of taking Chris Gayle’s wicket now, can you imagine that? This is the level of fear these two have put in our hearts. Now I hear that Gayle is also starting to find his form, what will happen to us then? Conceding over 300 in a T20 match will cause serious mental damage to our species”, the spinner said.

Meanwhile, AB de Villiers has defended his actions by saying he is scoring as slowly as possible for him. “I can score a 30 ball 100 too if I want but I am giving the other team a chance. Disappointing that they still want one of us banned”, AB said.