Boy who calls himself biggest Barcelona fan doesn’t know the full form of FCB

14, May 2018 By Guest Patrakar

South Delhi: There are some football fans who even know the names of strikers that have never scored a goal in their careers and then there are fans who don’t even know the name of the club they supported yesterday. Robin doesn’t belong to either of these types, because he doesn’t even know the full form of his favourite club.

Robin was watching a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, popularly known as El Clásico and it turned into an embarrassment for him when a reporter asked him a few questions as a part of a survey “Football and India”. The reporter asked Robin which was his favorite club to which he replied Barcelona. The reporter’s next question – “What’s the full form of FCB?” – baffled Robin. Robin’s silence shocked his friends as well.

Faking News reporter spoke to Robin’s friend Abhishek, who supports Real Madrid and is still friends with Robin. Abhishek said, “I am totally shocked, I can’t believe that a person who’s watching every football match with us doesn’t know this”. Abhishek is now wondering if Robin watches football matches just to impress Genelia, their mutual friend and a big time Barcelona fan.

Genelia has also stopped talking to Robin after the incident. A recent survey shows that more than 54% of football fans in India are pseudo fans and support a particular team only because their crushes support that team.

After this incident, a new trend #MeToo has started trending globally where many people have anonymously accepted that they are not really football fans but watch matches just to be on the same page with their crushes. Whether this is right or wrong is a different question but it certainly shows that people make extra efforts to impress their crushes and that’s impressive.