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By performing poorly, Virat is testing Anushka’s loyalty in tough times: Sources

21, Jul 2014 By idiot420

London. The mystery of Virat Kohli’s poor form during the ongoing tour of England has been solved. Sources tell Faking News that Kohli’s poor batting performance in England is intentional, and he is doing all this to test the depth of Anushka’s love for him.

A source close to Indian team dressing room revealed that Kohli wanted to commit himself for a long term relationship, but to make sure that his timing and choice was right, he decided to check Anushka’s love.

Virat Kohli
Appears, Kohli is madly in love with Anushka.

“Anushka has been with Virat bhai during his best, now it’s time to see if she stands by him during his worst,” the source explained how it was a little agnipariksha for Anushka.

Sources say that considering his past performances, it wasn’t easy for Virat to get out of form so easily. “He worked really hard to control his talent and scored just 34 runs in last four innings against England. It is as tough as Siddhu speaking four sentences without using any idioms or phrases,” our source said.

It appears that Virat is finding the test results “positive”. Anushka has been constantly trying to boost his morale and has refused coffee with Ravindra Jadeja, who has been in good form.

“No, no. Sir Jadeja was not doing any chance pe dance,” the source quickly explained, “It is all part of the plan by Virat.”

In fact, as per his plans, Kohli is planning to worsen his image further by making a hat-trick of getting out on ducks.

However, the team management is making sure that despite Virat’s experiments, Indian team’s fortunes are not impacted.

“Kohli gets out on duck, and in the same inning Bhuvneshwar Kumar hits a half century. Later in the match, Ishant gives just 13 runs in 10 overs and takes two wickets. It can’t be a coincidence, you know,” a BCCI official explained how India was in safe hands despite Virat playing a different kind of “test” match.

While the final results of the test are awaited, Bollywood experts say that Kohli should not worry about Anushka, for her performance in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was strong enough a proof that she was not going to leave him.

“I think this is all made up bullshit. Virat is not checking loyalty of Anushka. He might be checking loyalty of Dhoni; whether he drops him from the next match,” a Bollywood expert said.