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"Can I waste a review during the toss?", Virat Kohli asks ICC

03, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: Virat Kohli doesn’t waste any time in using the 2 reviews he gets under the DRS. During every innings, Kohli’s aim has been to finish those reviews as quickly as possible. Now, Kohli has checked with the ICC committee whether he can waste a review during the toss as well.

Captain Kohli: Reviews everything

India has been the most reluctant side when it came to embracing DRS. Now that they have embraced it, captain Kohli just can’t stop himself from using the reviews at the first chance he gets. Every time the ball hits the pads, India takes a review and even while batting, they seem very keen to use the review system even for clear dismissals.

Confirming his request, Virat Kohli said ,”Well, yeah I have asked about it but I haven’t heard from them yet. Maybe I will check the match referee before the toss. We really need to win the toss and bat first against Australia so if we lose the toss, there is no harm in reviewing it, maybe the decision will get reversed. Once we step out there for the toss, test match has officially begins so I am sure DRS reviews will be available at that time. Still, lets wait for official confirmation.”

However, as per sources there has been some discontent among the team members over this request. The two leading spinners, Jadeja and Ashwin, are upset that they will have to fight over the 1 remaining review if Kohli wastes one during the toss. While Ashwin has argued that he deserves to waste 1 as the senior partner, Jadeja has argued that he has more experience when it comes to wasting reviews.

Sources have further informed us that the two spinners may not have to fight over the 1 remaining review at all as Kohli has instructed Ishant Sharma to ask for a review off the very first ball of the innings.