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Cartoon Network approaches Australian and English cricket teams for endorsements following their kiddish altercations ahead of next Ashes match

01, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

‘Australia defeats England by 10 wickets’. Seems like a headline of 2007 Ashes but it is not. Australia is on a mission to regain the Ashes this year. And just like every other Ashes, this one too is full of banters and little chit chats, both on and off the field.

But what makes every hardcore and adult Ashes fan sad is the fact that these new kids just couldn’t meet the raunchiness and sledging standards of the earlier Ashes. Seeing the childish altercation, Cartoon Network has decided to rope in both the teams for its endorsements.

Yes, you heard it right. The CEO of Cartoon Network has approached the Aussie and English captains for endorsements of his channel. CN CEO Robbie said, “There was a time when the Ashes battle was so intense that it was advised to kids and faint hearts not to watch the matches. Who can forget Simon Jones throwing the ball at Mathew Hayden and Mitchel Johnson’s fight with Kevin Peterson? But now it’s just some childish warfare between both the teams. I even heard that Steve Smith would lock the hotel rooms of English players to trouble them and was seen showing tongue to them after that. This really hurts me as an Ashes fan. Their altercations game is so poor that even kids who watch Cartoon Network can relate to them. So we are thinking of getting them in for our endorsements.”

English Captain Joe Root is believed to have accepted this offer. Root, on his twitter account, said, “I think they have hired me after watching my innocent child like face. I always wanted to be a part of cartoons. Finally getting this opportunity.”

On the contrary, his Aussie counterpart Steve Smith is asking other people weather he should accept the offer or not. As we all know, Smith just cannot take decisions on his own.

It is really saddening to watch these two teams destroying all the fun we used to have during the Ponting and Vaughan era. Now, the Ashes has become so boring that watching Cheteshwer Pujara’s test batting seems to be more exciting than that. Only God knows when will the golden era of steamy wars between Ashes players will return that 90’s kids can now only dream of.