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CCI revokes the 52 Cr fine on BCCI after BCCI plans to organize 2 more IND-Lanka matches to earn those 52 Crs

30, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The Competition Commission on Wednesday imposed a fine of Rs 52.24 crore on the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for anti-competitive practices with respect to the Indian Premier League. The watchdog had penalised the cricket body for the same amount in February 2013 as well, but that penalty was set aside by the appellate tribunal after an appeal by the BCCI. But the surprising news came today when the CCI decided to revoke the fine. The reason given is that BCCI wanted to organize 2 more Ind-Lanka matches to earn the fine amount.


India Lanka matches have been so frequent that the audience now wants something new. Every 2-3 months there is a full fledged India lanka series and the spectator is bored of watching a dull contest. Members in the CCI are also big fans of cricket, so they decided that foregoing the penalty would be better than watching 2 more India -Lanka games. This was a decision they took for the sake of preserving cricket. BCCI has also thanked CCI for revoking the penalty and has promised that it will look to reduce the number of bilateral series between the two nations.

Although 52 Crs is nothing for BCCI in terms of the booming revenue it generates season after season, but still paying any amount would lead to a fall in the brand BCCI, so it made this decision to blackmail the cricket loving members of the Competition Commission. The Lanka board is in fact fine with BCCI playing more matches with its team as no other board has invited Lanka for the next 12 months to play a series with them.