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Managers thank Pujara for putting their employees to sleep early on Sunday night

01, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Several managers across Indian private sector praised Cheteshwar Pujara’s knock against the West Indies in the ongoing 2nd test today. Pujara’s batting put most of the people to sleep very early on Sunday ensuring they were well rested and raring to go on Monday morning, traditionally the day when employee motivation is lowest.

Pujara safely avoiding any runs

Pujara scored 46 off 159 balls before he was run out by a direct hit from Chase. Earlier in the evening, he played 34 dot balls in a row, a sequence that put many of the viewers to sleep. Even though it’s a Test match, the constant exposure to T20s has made viewers very impatient and a run rate of 2 RPO was unable to keep the audience awake.

“We generally expect employees to be a little late and looking sleepy as well when they walk in on Monday morning. Since India was batting and Virat Kohli was about to come in, we expected most of our staff to stay awake till late watching Kohli play. Fortunately, no wicket fell early on and the batsmen batted as slowly as possible to ensure our employees get adequate sleep”, an HR manager in a Gurgaon MNC said.

“Even though Rahul also deserves some credit but he was still scoring those 6s in between to try and keep the viewers’ interest alive but Pujara was a thorough professional. However, some people still turned up at office bleary eyed, these bloody test purists I tell you”, the HR manager added.

Meanwhile, several companies have requested BCCI to pressurize West Indies into playing Night-Day test matches. “If they start their Test matches at 9 AM IST, Employees can come to office on time and spend the day watching cricket at work instead of losing their sleep. After all, healthy employee is a productive employee and good sleep is vital for good health. It will mean test matches will have to start during night in the Caribbean and end during the morning, BCCI can take credit for the innovation of Night-Day tests”, CEO of a leading Indian IT firm said.