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Chinese athletes to wear “Made in China” labels to boost image of Chinese goods

29, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. With China winning medals and expected to be at the top of the Olympics medals tally again, Chinese authorities have decided to use this opportunity to boost the image of Chinese goods, which are seen as substandard products by the rest of the world.

“Despite being the world’s manufacturing hub, Chinese goods are seen as cheap and being inferior in quality, and we have been working overtime to change this perception,” a Chinese delegate told Faking News, “We have been especially targeting Olympics for this image makeover. We hosted the last Olympics and repackaged ourselves; now is the time for rebranding.”

A Chinese Athlete
A Chinese “product”?

The delegate, whose name sounded something like Hu Bin Mao, told this journalist, who is in London to report about Olympics though he follows only Cricket among all sports, that China will be using their sportspersons for this rebranding exercise.

“Our athletes will wear manufacturing labels i.e. their jerseys will have ‘Made in China’ written prominently on the front, while their date of birth will be mentioned as ‘Date of Manufacture’ on the backside,” the delegate revealed, “There will also be a barcode and a QR code image on the jerseys to showcase a hi-tech image.”

Chinese delegate informed that over 60% of the London Olympics souvenirs were manufactured in China, but buyers had to read through the fine print to realize it.

“That’s why we decided to make it more apparent and in-your-face,” he said.

He declined that there was anything demeaning in showcasing or treating a human being as a “product”.

“That’s our state policy,” he added.

When Faking News leaked this information to the Indian Olympic contingent and asked them what they were doing to make sure that India’s image was improved due to the games, they said that it was the job of Danny Boyle and AR Rahman.