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Chris Gayle promised full on-time salary by Vijay Mallya if he gets out early today

31, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

London: In a very rare event, Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya has offered to pay someone the full amount due to him and that too on time. Mallya has promised West Indian batsman Chris Gayle that his salary for the next IPL season will be paid in full if he gets out early during the semi final against India.

Mallya trying to strike a deal with Gayle
Mallya trying to strike a deal with Gayle

Chris Gayle, who is a part of Vijay Mallya owned Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL is seen as the biggest threat to India’s march to the finals of World T20 currently being played in India.

Notorious for not paying the sums he owes, either to banks or to Kingfisher Airlines employees, Vijay Mallya has made this promise to ensure India wins their semifinal against West Indies in the T20 World Cup.

Speaking to the media at his small palatial home in England, Mr. Mallya said, “There have been several allegations against me recently by motivated sections of the press, this is the opportunity for me to prove all of them wrong. This will show that when I promise someone, I do make the payments so SBI should take note. This will also show that I love my country more than anything else and I am willing to do anything to serve my country.”

When asked whether this will not amount to spot fixing, Mallya disagreed and said, “Oh no, I am not giving him any additional money to play badly, I am just promising him his salary. He has a right to that money being an RCB employee and accepting that doesn’t amount to any corruption. I checked with several former IPL experts based in England and they have assured me that this is totally legal.”

Our reporter tried to get Chris Gayle’s reaction to this offer but he was busy practicing his dance moves to prepare for the semifinal.