Concerned over the number of Indian spectators for T20 match, New Zealand Govt too mulls CAA 

27, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

While Indian team outclassed New Zealand on the field. Indian spectators outnumbered locals in the stand. And this has left many concerned about the actual number of people of Indian origin in New Zealand.


Authorities are now looking at Citizenship Bill of their own, to find out the actual number of citizens and immigrants in the country. Other than the name, the bill shares no similarities with the one passed in India, said a source.

One official who spoke to Faking News said, “It didn’t look like the match was being played in New Zealand. It could have easily been mistaken for Wankhede. And this is not the first time that we have seen support. Though we are an immigrant friendly country. But we do need to know how many naturally born New Zealander’s are there in the country. It is also important for sporting events where teams morale is low.”

“In fact the Indian captain Virat Kohli too admitted that crowd support definitely affected their performance and that validated their concern,” he added.

A decision on the bill will be taken next week amidst and will also look into the possibility of having a population register.

A senior cabinet Minister however refuted allegations that the Population Register would be against he Indian community.

The news of population register has spooked a lot of second generation Indian’s in the Kiwi country. Many gathered at town square to protest against CAA, holding placards that read ‘Wont show documents’.

Kiwi cricketer Ish Sodhi, whose parents migrated to the country in the early 80’s was among those were seen at the protest site.

The Govt however is firm on its decision to go ahead with its decision.