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Cricket lover did not feel sad after India's loss to Pakistan

27, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. 29-year-old Arjun Kamte, a long time cricket aficionado, didn’t feel heartbroken or depressed after India lost its first One Day International cricket match to Pakistan by 54 runs in the ICC Champions trophy on Saturday. Arjun credits ‘modern technologies’ for this change in attitude and post-match mood. While Arjun thinks it’s a welcome change, experts warn that this could become dangerous in the long run.

“I was updating my facebook status with each important event and discussing with my friends. We mocked the Paki players, blamed the umpires, cursed our cricketers, and discussed girls in the stands as the India went down the drain. It was relieving to think and talk of other stuff while our cricketers created this mess. I was a bit sad but relieved man at the end of the match.” Arjun said.

Such scenes used to upset Arjun no end
Such scenes used to upset Arjun no end

Arjun had also sms’d many of his friends and in the middle of match and shared his emotions, something he says helped him relieve his feeling. Arjun also posted dozens of abusive posts in Pakistan related communities in orkut before he was banned from those communities, something he maintains helped him as well after India lost to Pakistan.

“These luxuries were not available to people like us when we were in school. We had to silently digest the defeats and feel so bad about it. For me it was worse, each time India lost my father used to mock me for having spoilt the whole day in front of the television. I used to be mighty pissed off and upset man. Thanks to these technologies now, I feel lot better now.” Arjun said.

But experts warn that such response by Indian cricket lovers might not be a good idea as it could make them ‘unfit’.

“The heart pumps a lot of blood and goes through a healthy exercise if you experience pure thrills through ups and downs of any event. Such activities cushion the heart, but in modern lifestyles where people hardly do any physical activity, it’s better if we let the heart go through those exercises. It’s not a nice idea if you want to stay fit.” Dr. Tanbadan, a physiologist warned.