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Cricketers standing outside banks instead of practicing, BCCI appeals for a temporary branch inside stadium

15, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Visakhapatnam: With the 2nd test match against England only a couple of days, BCCI is worried that the team may not be 100% ready to take on their opponents. The cause of BCCI’s concern is that Indian players are missing practice sessions to stand outside banks to deposit the cash they had with them. After standing outside banks in the morning, they are standing outside ATMs in the evening to withdraw some money and this makes them miss both practice sessions.

Team India
“Chalo ATM”

India managed to draw the 1st test match against England from a tough situation at one point and BCCI wants the team to be totally focused for the 2nd match but fears that this demonetization may have created a distraction for them.

“The first test match started on the very first day after this demonetization so the players didn’t get any time to go to the bank to exchange notes or deposit the amount they had with them. Since the end of the first test, they have been visiting the banks to make these deposits and get some petty cash for their daily expenses. BCCI pays them very well but that goes directly in bank accounts, we never thought about giving them petty cash as pocket money”, a BCCI official said.

“We have asked some of the banks to set up a temporary branch inside the dressing room during the second test where all the players can comfortably deposit their cash and withdraw some amount for their daily needs. We can’t set it up outside the dressing rooms because the crowd will ignore the test match and line up in front of the bank counter”, the official added.

Meanwhile, England Cricket team is not struggling with this demonetization as everyone is still accepting the Pound Sterling they offer.