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Current bowlers request retired bowlers to stop trolling Virat Kohli

28, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Kohli knocking Australia out of the World Cup

Mumbai: A group of bowlers currently playing in the World T20 tournament in India have come together and requested retired bowlers to stop trolling Virat Kohli. They have made this request after watching Virat Kohli perform against Australia following Mitchell Johnson’s attempts to troll him online.

Before India’s must win game against Australia, Mitchell Johnson had implied that Virat goes missing during the big games and said that he doesn’t figure in his list of top 5 batsmen in the world today. After the match, former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff had tweeted that Virat is still a long way away from being as good as Joe Root.

“Mitch is still trying to sledge the batsmen but since he is sitting on the sidelines, we are facing the music in the middle”, said a fast bowler currently playing in India. He further added,”We were thinking about dismissing Johnson’s comment as a one off but then later in the evening, Flintoff also tried to troll Virat Kohli. Last time he tried trolling an Indian batsman, it resulted in 6 sixes off Broad’s over but I guess he isn’t done yet. He wants some other bowler to suffer now.”

The bowlers have come together as a group and have sent an email request to all former bowlers currently active on social media to focus on trolling others like Rohit, Raina, Dhawan in the Indian team since they aren’t likely to score any runs these days even when angry but to leave Virat alone.

“As it is he is treating us like a washerman treats clothes and then these guys are going out to give him even more motivation. Even when he has gone on record to say that verbal confrontations help him flourish, they are carrying on, Why? They themselves are sitting outside now and leaving us youngsters to face the Virat music. This isn’t done”, said another fast bowler playing at the world T20.

Meanwhile, as per sources, several Indian bowlers have also joined this group requesting no trolling of Virat Kohli keeping in mind the upcoming IPL season.