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Dalai Lama to be the umpire during Dharamsala test to keep things calm in the middle

22, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Dharamsala: The ongoing test series between India and Australia has seen a lot of tense moments with things threatening to boil over multiple times. With Steve Smith looking towards dressing room for DRS help to Virat Kohli almost calling Steve Smith a cheat to Maxwell mocking Kohli’s shoulder injury to Ishant Sharma’s weird facial expressions, the series has seen one tense moment after another. Now ICC has decided that they can’t risk a major altercation during the deciding test in Dharamsala, and have roped in allegedly the calmest man in the world as the special guest umpire, The Dalai Lama.

Dalai lama
That is a SIX!

Even though ICC has a set panel of umpires who get to officiate international matches, they have made an exception for this one special occasion. Dalai lama, who lives in Dharamsala, has agreed to officiate in the test match much to the relief of ICC.

Explaining the decision, an ICC official said ,”We were very concerned about the developments during the test series and were wondering if the players will turn the ground into a WWE arena during the final test. Then we started discussing WWE and the topic of special guest referee came up. That was it, we knew that we also need a special guest umpire to keep things calm out there. Who better to keep things calm then the Dalai lama himself. He is locally available as well so BCCI will be able to afford the cost of his travel without begging for funds from their new administrators.”

“We know that the viewers would have enjoyed a wrestling match between Virat and Smith or Ishant and Maxwell but we can’t always give the viewers what they want. We still have to pretend its a gentlemen’s game. We hope his holiness, the Dalai lama can keep things calm out there”, the ICC official added.

When we asked whether the Dalai Lama will be able to give correct decisions while standing as the umpire, the official said ,”You don’t have to give correct decisions to be an umpire, look at Kumar Dharamasena.”