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Dale Steyn agrees to bowl spin as BCCI threatens to pull out

10, Dec 2013 By Venkat

Chennai. In the wake of the massive losses in the first two ODI’s in South Africa, the BCCI has managed to pull its socks up and find an “out of the box” solution to India and specifically Rohit Sharma’s batting woes.

In a statement, BCCI chief indicated that India would pull out of the tour of South Africa unless Dale Steyn agrees to bowl spin. Alongside him was none other than the paragon of such antics, last seen in the 1996 World Cup, Manoj Prabhakar.

Steyn spinning his arm around
Steyn spinning his arm around

Srinivasan had an urgent meeting with the BCCI leadership, a big Consulting firm that refused to be identified and other bowlers such as Manoj Prabhakar, Abey Kuruvilla, and Nilesh Kulkarni to name a few, to brainstorm on “How to change the fortunes of the Indian Team in South Africa”.

After hours of analysis, charts, number crunching, what-if analysis, and India Cements pamphlet distribution, the leadership narrowed the problem to Dale Steyn. Srinivasan lauded Prabhakar and team for adding valuable insights to create a level playing field.

When questioned on why and how Dale Steyn would agree to bowl spin, Srinivasan indicated that they had threatened to pull out of the tour if Dale Steyn or Cricket South Africa resisted.

“CSA and Haroon Longat should remember that this tour has already been cut short and has had financial implications on the board. They shouldn’t make it worse,” the BCCI President said. Then playing the trump card of the IPL, Srinivasan indicated that there could be legal implications if Dale Steyn did not comply, based on his contract.

Both CSA and Dale Steyn have refused to comment on this issue. Sources tell Faking News that Dale Steyn was spotted bowling spin at the nets.

A large segment of Rohit Sharma fans are now confident that they would see the lazy arrogance in his drives rather than the confused swatting after the ball has passed, which has been on display in the first two games.

To train Steyn, BCCI had earlier sent Anil Kumble to South Africa, but sources say that Steyn became even more lethal and his bounce increased after taking tips from the alleged leg spinner.

After Raina, who was watching Steyn from close quarters, panicked and created a huge commotion at the dressing room, BCCI immediately called Anil Kumble back and sent Venkatesh Prasad to convert Steyn into a complete spinner.