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David Cameron thanks Roy Hodgson for distracting the country with a different type of exit from Europe

28, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Outgoing English PM David Cameron has thanked Roy Hodgson and his English team for distracting the country with their exit from Euro 2016. Cameron, who was roundly criticized for his decision to push ahead with the Brexit referendum that there the country’s economy into chaos, is breathing a sigh of relief as the focus shifted to Euro2016 from European Union.

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Earlier, Iceland defeated English Football team in the round of 16 of Euro 2016, sending Roy Hodgson’s team home. This has been termed as one of the biggest upsets in the history of the tournament and entire country of England is in shock.

David Cameron, who resigned from his post as PM after “leave” option emerged winner in the Brexit vote, said ,”This is a great service to the nation by Roy Hodgson and his boys. As the entire nation was wondering where our economy is going and what the plan is after the Brexit vote, these guys came along and distracted the entire nation with their incredible ineptitude. Nobody cares for the economy or EU this morning; everyone is talking about Iceland and their victory over us. Nobody has even called me a c**t for 6 hours now, a record during the past week.”

“Boris Johnson and leave supporters were facing questions about the future course of action but now, thanks to Hodgson, everyone is so depressed that they no longer care what happens. Country’s morale has reached a nadir and whatever happens now, will be an improvement for them. This gives a free hand to my successor as he won’t be able to disappoint the people more than what they already are”, Cameron said.

Roy Hodgson has followed David Cameron’s footsteps and resigned from his post as England manager. However, he won’t be hanging around for 3 months to oversee any transition.

Meanwhile, English Football Association has started the search for a new manager who can disappoint the nation during 2018 World Cup in Russia.