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A day before auctions, Indian players trying hard to prove that they are IPL material and not Test 

17, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

With KL Rahul and Pujara meekly surrendering before the Australian bowling attack, fingers are being pointed again at the Indian batsmen. So bad was the performance of the opening pair that many Indian spectators opted to watch the screening of Thugs of Hindostan at a nearby theater.

Social media too didn’t spare the team. ‘Indian players are getting ducks to promote Anushka’s movie Zero’ – read a tweet.

Team players however were not too concerned with this and sources say that the players are getting out cheaply just to prove that they are IPL material and not suited for test cricket.

“Every player wants to make the most of this IPL and performing well in the Tests might just hurt their chances. So this seems like desperate effort by the players to get back to the pavilion as soon as possible,” said an analyst.

“No one wants to be seen as a Test great. Had it not been for the year end trip to Australia many would have opted out of this series,” he added.

A  member from the support staff on request of anonymity said that some key players were already seen dressed in their IPL jerseys and had to be asked to change into the team uniform.

Team coach Ravi Shastri however rubbished the statements and said that IPL auctions had nothing to do with the performance. “Just one test will not decide your fate in the auctions. The IPL franchise look at your performance throughout the year. Ask cricket experts for their opinion and then make a decision. Similar to how I choose my chakhna. I ask my friends for what goes best with what and then have it,” he said making himself a plate of chhana daal.