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Shastri and Manjrekar still fighting over Dhoni’s batting position

21, Jan 2017 By dasu

Cuttack: Though the second one-day match between India and England got over yesterday, but the debate between two of India’s most well-known commentators Ravi Shastri and Sanjay Manjrekar is still on, that is in which position Dhoni should bat in one day internationals. Shastri says number four or five is right whereas Manjrekar says Dhoni as a finisher, must bat at number six.


“I was there on commentary when both these gentlemen started the debate. It looked so innocuous when it started, can’t imagine both will turn so aggressive to prove their point,” said former England skipper Nasser Hussain who is part of the commentary team.

Nasser added, “Usually we, the commentary panel members, have our dinner together during innings break. I called them multiple times, both refused to join us. Both were trying to download data online to prove each other wrong.”

“They said to me, let Mahi return back to pavilion, we will ask his opinion to settle the matter. Unfortunately for both these two gentlemen and fortunately for India, Dhoni along with Yuvraj was busy at the crease smacking England bowlers to all parts of the grounds to post such a mammoth total,” said Nasser.

Nasser said, “Saw agitated Ravi, who was manager of Indian team in the past, wanted to send the message to Dhoni during drinks break. The 12th man refused saying forget Indian team, Kumble sir will fire me from state Ranji team if I do that.”

Nasser added, “I am doing commentary with these two Mumbaikars for last few years. Not at all surprised what happened at the stadium. Other than agreeing one over has six legitimate deliveries, they have never agreed on anything else. Both just love to argue on any topic under the sun much like Sidhu.”

Last we heard from our sources, both have missed the flight to Kolkata. As it is less than 8 hours’ drive from Cuttack, both have booked a cab. The cab driver has given them some advice for free, “Please behave properly when you are in city of joy where only two person’s opinion count, Sourav da and Mamata di.”