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We should be declared the winners of Karnataka as we crossed more boundaries of constitution: BJP

15, Jul 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Bengaluru. Karnataka political crisis is not showing any signs of relenting. Despite hefty parleys by the leaders of Congress and Janata (Secular) coalition, the rebel MLAs remain adamant on resignation. BJP thinks that they should be declared the winners of Karnataka.

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The confidence comes from the ICC world cup final result where England was declared the winners for scoring more boundaries than the New Zealand team. The rule was pretty weird and new for the cricket lovers and BJP thinks similar rules should apply in Indian politics too.

Piyush Goyal was speaking to the press on the Karnataka crisis and had this to say, ” If ICC was looking after Indian politics we would have been declared the winners by now. We need new rules to freshen up Indian politics. ICC should be consulted in this regard. The number of times we have crossed the boundaries of the constitution in Indian states, we should be declared the winners for that.”

It is to be seen whether or not the Supreme Court takes this demand into account before arriving upon a conclusion, but the argument seems to be fair and rule books of Indian constitution need some freshening up