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Defending Rohit Sharma is part of every captain’s KRA: BCCI sources

19, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. With cricket fans still unable to understand why captain after captain is persisting with Rohit Sharma, sources from BCCI today revealed that backing and defending Rohit Sharma was part of every Indian captain’s KRA.

Sources say even before expecting him to win games, every captain while being appointed one is told to ensure Rohit Sharma is backed no matter what.

“Backing Rohit is the first most thing expected from a captain. Not just this some other key KRAs further include sidelining in form Amit Mishra, normally better Pragyan Ojha and persisting with R Ashwin outside subcontinent,” the source told Faking News.

Dhoni and Kohli impressed with Rohit's talented pose.
Dhoni and Kohli impressed with Rohit’s talented pose.

When asked if ensuring Ravindra Jadeja was part of every playing 11 too was a captain’s KRA, the source shot back, “No. That was Dhoni’s self made KRA. BCCI has got nothing to do with it. We are concerned with only grooming ‘talented’ players.”

With this piece of information becoming public after an RTI jointly filed by Bishen Singh Bedi and Mohinder Amarnath, current test captain Virat Kohli too breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now you buggers know I didn’t do it out of choice,” Kohli, who is now being accused of following footsteps of Dhoni and not doing anything new, told our reporter.

“It is easier for me to break Sachin paajis record that defend Rohit with a straight face after every match,” added Kohli as he side by side learnt the art of looking at positive in Rohit’s knock from Dhoni on Skype.

“In fact everyone who is eyeing captain’s role, starts defending him to prove his credentials,” he claimed.

“Don’t you remember how Gambhir, when he was hopeful of being made captain few years back had all of a sudden started singing praises of Rohit’s talent,” Virat pointed. “I guess it is addictive habit as Gambhir does it even now.”

Meanwhile fans after getting to know about this unique KRA are demanding Ravindra Jadeja be made captain.

“At least then we will be able to abuse the captain for backing Rohit. As with Kohli at helm, abusing is normally taken care of by him only,” argued a fan.