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Delhi Daredevils buys Yuvraj from the money it will save from free Wi-Fi, Water and cheaper Electricity

18, Feb 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi. Delhi Daredevils management has conceded that they have played a gamble by buying Yuvraj Singh for Rs.16 crores. But it is from the money they will supposedly save from free Wi-Fi, free 700 liters of water daily and 50 % cut in power tariff in Delhi following the poll promises of AAP.

Yuvi giving thumbs up to AAP.
Yuvi giving thumbs up to AAP.

“Yes, it is true we accept that we have bought Yuvraj Singh despite his below average performance last year in IPL, but we have no regrets because we might not have so much faith in Yuvraj’s skills but we have complete faith in Kejriwal’s skills,” owner of Daredevils told Faking News as he noted down his electricity meter reading in his office.

He further revealed, “According to our overly paid charted accountants’ calculations, we will break even in 15 months and we can assume we have got Amit Mishra for free with Yuvraj so it is a win-win situation.”

“Now we just need to start winning some matches,” he chuckled.

There have been unreliable reports that Virender Sehwag has gone in coma voluntarily after this news became public and Gautam Gambhir was seen leading a candle march at Ramlila Maidan for giving opportunities to outsiders over Delhiites.

But thanks to this development, there was a festive atmospher6e in AAP’s office in Delhi. On being contacted by Faking News, Kumar Vishwas spoke in his poetic style:

Koi Deewana Kehta hai, Koi Paagal samajhta hai, Magar ab Yuvraj Singh ka balla mushkil se hi chalta hai Ye hi Arvind ka Jaadu hai, (Jaadu bhayio na ki Jhaadu), Ye hi Arvind ka Jaadu hai ki Amit Mishra bhi 3 crore mein bikta hai”

According to our sources, Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj singh was seen firing 16 rounds in the air while chanting #5saalKejriwal. He further told it is Yuvraj’s fantasy to play for all the teams of IPL.

“You see he has already played for half of the teams,” Yograj pointed, “just like Kejriwal has been playing all kinds of roles – activist, bureaucrat, politicians, etc.”

Yuvraj Singh is expected to tweet later today to clarify his father’s comment and to say ‘no comment’ on his IPL price.