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Delhi Daredevils captain JP Duminy faces ban for slow over rate owing to Imran Tahir's wicket celebrations

04, May 2015 By ankush3

New Delhi. Delhi Daredevils Captain JP Duminy has been fined and banned for 1 match due to slow over rates in the ongoing IPL tournament. The decision has been taken by IPL discipline committee after Daredevils failed to complete 20 overs in required time-frame, straight for the 3rd time. Cricket Investigation of Daredevils (CID) is doing a deep investigation on this by watching recording of their previous matches.

We spoke to one of the investigation team member and they revealed that it is Imran Tahir’s wicket celebration which is causing an extra delay and in turn resulting in slow over rates.

Celebrations that have become iconic
Celebrations that have become iconicIPL

He said, “Generally a bowler’s wicket celebration completes in 30 seconds but in case of Imran Tahir, it is around 4 minutes. We have seen how uncontrollably he celebrates when he takes a wicket by going in random directions towards boundary line. He likes to celebrate his wicket with spectators more than his teammates. Moreover , this habit of Tahir keeps all the team members fit and warm during the match as they are forced to run towards him to catch him for a high five. Tahir’s habit is doing more good to IPL than bad. We are not happy with the decision.”

JP Duminy is devastated with the ban. He said, “This is a ridiculous decision. What about Danny Morrison who bores us and wastes time in his useless antics. What about Akash Chopra who who wastes time in analyzing statistics of Yuvraj Singh’s failure. The worst part is I cannot even blame anyone for racial discrimination as all my Indian teammates are darker than me.”

The incident has divided Daredevil players into 2 groups. The group favoring Tahir are young Indian players and foreign players . The opposing group, also called THE LETHARGIANS belong to Yuvraj, Amit Mishra and Zaheer Khan . Yuvraj Singh even said that by celebrating so much, Tahir is actually mocking his bad form. Zaheer Khan also echoed Yuvraj’s thoughts.

Our reporters caught Imran Tahir during practice sessions where he was practicing his googly i.e. leg break.

He said, “I don’t know what other players and management think of this behaviour of mine, but I dont do this by choice. It is a sort of phobia I have developed since childhood.  In my childhood, when I was a kid, I used to play cricket on the roads outside my house which were called streets . Once I was bowling to a muscular black native in Natal and I clean bowled him with an off break. I was so happy (as I always am) that I went in front of him and started fist pumping. That guy smacked 2 punches on my face and I was down in a second. I still remember the pain of that punch. Since then, I started to bowl leg break and whenever I get any wicket I run away from the batsman as far as I can.”