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Delhi supporters demand CBI inquiry into Delhi Daredevils’ good form

18, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Shocked by the good form exhibited by their side in this year’s IPL, Delhi Daredevils’ supporters have demanded a CBI inquiry to find out the reasons about it. Delhi is currently 3rd in the table, behind 2nd placed Kolkata only on net run rate.

Delhi Daredevils
These scenes are becoming way too common for comfort

A large group of fans gathered at Jantar-Mantar earlier today and asked PM Narendra Modi to hand this investigation over to CBI. There were also slogans against team captain Zaheer Khan for abandoning the team’s culture of losing.

“There is definitely some black thing in this daal”, said Manoj Kumar, a 27 years old fan leading this petition. “How can we go on to beat RCB like we did yesterday? Kings XI Punjab was understandable because they are our brothers and always give us tough competition for the last place but yesterday’s result truly shocked us. There is something wrong about the whole thing and we want CBI to bring out the truth”, he added.

Another fan present at Jantar-Mantar, 22 yrs old Ashwini said, “We are among top 4 and this is a matter of serious concern. We may even end up winning the title if we continue like this. Hard to explain since Delhi had tried its best to avoid signing any T20 star.”

“You can see the effort we are making to avoid winning games. We don’t bowl out Mishra even when he picks up 4 wickets in 3 overs; we avoid sending our best batsman Duminy out to bat but still? This Quinton De Kock alone is screwing our chances to win the last place? Surely there must be a deeper conspiracy behind this”, Ashwini said.

While many have placed the blame at Delhi’s new mentor Rahul Dravid’s feet, others have squarely blamed Quinton De Kock for this early form.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has refused to let CBI investigate Delhi Daredevils saying they are busy investigating political opponents but Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that Rajnath Singh is trying to save Arun Jaitley as he could have a role in this.