Desperate to go ahead with IPL, BCCI announces billion dollar cash reward to anyone who comes up with coronavirus cure

21, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

It is a bitter pill for BCCI to digest. The prospect of not conducting the IPL this year is taking a toll on the cricketing body.

Now desperate to somehow get cash rich cricket event going, BCCI has announced a billion dollar cash reward for anyone who comes up with cure for coronavirus.

Though nothing official has been announced yet. Insiders say that BCCI is very close to making it official. “With the number of cases refusing to fall there is every possibility that lockdown may be further extended. The only way forward is the cancel the event. But BCCI won’t let it go without giving one final try. No wonder they came out with this ‘money for cure’ offer,” said a source.

Several cricketers that our reporter spoke to were indifferent to the idea and didn’t really make of it.

Rishabh Pant however welcomed BCCI’s move and called it a step in the right direction.

The cricketer, who is rumored to be considering a career shift, is heavily banking on the event to give a push to his slacking form.

“If IPL doesn’t take place. Rishabh Pant will definitely be among the most affected. He has been criticized for his form lately and has failed to justify his place in the team. He is desperate for sure. I won’t be surprised if he comes up with a vaccine in the next couple of weeks,” remarked a well know cricket commentator.

The billion dollar cash reward comes after the cricketing body tried out different options to somehow get the event to take place.

“From holding IPL on Mars to adding two extra months after December, they tried everything. They even thought of telecasting old IPL matches on TV and asking viewers to pay subscription fee,” the commentator added.

Sources say that BCCI has already started receiving ‘barrage of cures’ from people across the country. However most of them being the ones sent on Whatsapp, it seems unlikely that anyone would stand to win the prize money.