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Despite his best attempts, man can’t find any interest in football

17, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. For the past one week, Nitin has been doing all that he could to follow the 19th FIFA World Cup, including updating his facebook status with “GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!” whenever any team scored a goal in any match, but on Thursday, he candidly admitted that he has not been able to develop any genuine interest in the game. According to sources, Nitin continues to be a cricket fan deep down within.

“I was following India-Bangladesh one-dayer on Cricinfo even though I had tuned in my television for the Spain-Switzerland football match to tweet and update my facebook status.” Nitin conceded as he weighed his pros and cons over openly following Asia Cup for the next week.

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu
Nitin thought playing and following football was cool, but he failed miserably

Most of the friends of Nitin have been following FIFA World Cup and have put small flags of various countries alongside their photos as their display picture on different social networking websites. This forced Nitin too to take notice and choose a team to support. He chose France.

“Apart from names like Pele and Maradona, the only other player I could recall for on-field activity was Zinedine Zidane. I had played many online games of him headbutting various stuffs, including UFOs. It was so much fun! That was also the last time I was interested in a football world cup.” Nitin said.

This year, among the aspects of the game that he has found most interesting are Vuvuzelas and pictures of fans. He has been keenly following all the news and discussions around them, but he has no informed opinion yet on which country could with the cup.

“Brazil?” he wondered, before confessing, “Fuck it man, I really don’t know and couldn’t care less.”

Nitin is not quite sure of the consequences if he openly announced that he was not interested in the game at all.

“They might call me gay.” Nitin expressed his deepest fears.

The 27-year-old argued that he had tried his best to follow the game and had even downloaded the “Laws of the Game” pdf document from the FIFA website, but he simply can’t find his heart into it.

“Furthermore, I’ve no idea about this offside rule, even though I read that pdf documents thrice.” Nitin informed, “It had taken me just a few seconds to understand what was offside in cricket.”

“It’s frustrating.” he added, as he tweeted – Go #arg Go!