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Dhoni asks BCCI for Autoplay feature to avoid bowling in matches

23, Jan 2016 By sandee

Australia: When India set out to take the Kangaroos head on for a tough tour, Skipper raised concerns on lack of a Medium Pacer but as the series unfolded the entire bowling squad disappointed.

A score possible only in a PC game
A score possible only in a PC game

No matter how good the score looked on board but the Bowlers gave it away like Congress gave up their governance.

In a surprising move Dhoni has urged BCCI to introduce an Autoplay feature like the famous PC game ‘EA Cricket’ has.

”Well, of course it’s better to bank on the computer generated score than on such Bowling attack,” said a fuming skipper.

Kohli was also seen advocating the decision, Faking News tried to take his statement on the same but then the ”BC, Maacho, Tumhari Maa..” somewhere took the interview off track.

Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri was nowhere to find. Sources are confirming that he was busy having a brawl with the Pitch Curator.

This demand from Dhoni has attracted a lot of flak from all over the world. “I am very sad by India’s Performace,” said a very happy Yograj Singh.

Meanwhile, Delhi Cheif Minister Kejriwal suggested Dhoni to only select Batsman on Odd Days and Bowlers on Even Days while an Ironical statement from Modi advised them to not go on Foriegn Tours.

Rahul Gandhi also jumped in the discussion and said Bowlers should be given a Ladoo so that they can perform better, haters are saying he took that from animated series Chota Bheem but Digvijay Singh is totally denying it. We also tried to interview Chris Gayle but then he asked our reporter out on a date so we had to stop.

In between all this chaos, the most absurd part is that BCCI has agreed to Dhoni and is now in talks with ICC to implement the Autoplay in India’s International Matches.