Dhoni kept Yuvraj in the team, otherwise Yuvraj would have been the PM of this country: Yograj blames Dhoni

08, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mahendra Singh Dhoni might be arguably the greatest Indian captain ever but Yuvraj Singh’s father, Yograj Singh, has time and again attacked the Ranchi superstar.


Lavishing huge praise on Ganguly, Yograj said that while the Bengal cricketer backed his players and groomed them to become superstars, Dhoni did not do the same. According to Yograj, Dhoni kept Yuvi in the team and destroyed his chance of becoming the PM of this country.

Yograj thinks that his son had a bright future in politics and cricket destroyed his career. Dhoni picked Yuvi in most of the matches and hence never allowed him to pursue any other career. Yograj also blames Dhoni for not allowing Yuvi to learn other things whch would have helped him during the quarantine. Dhoni always made Yuvraj play cricket and not focus on other parts of his life and other hobbies.

This has led to him becoming a single dimensional person, which is dangerous during the times of lockdown. A person has to be multi-faceted. Dhoni could have dropped Yuvraj and who knows Yuvi could have become the PM of India.