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Dhoni is not hitting the ball hard so the ball stays new and animals are not killed for leather to make new balls: Dhoni Fans

24, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Southampton. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s strike rate was once again under the scanner on Saturday as India labored to 224 for 8 against Afghanistan in their World Cup 2019 match in Southampton.


Dhoni scored 28 off 52 balls in the middle overs, at a time when the Indian team needed him to up the ante. But fans are still in awe of Dhoni and why not they do have a valid reason to believe so. Dhoni Fans wrote on Twitter that his slow innings are actually helping animals from being killed to make leather for the new balls to be used in the world cup.

Dhoni Fans elaborated the new finding of his batting by saying that batsman like Brathwaite, Morgan, Shakib, and others are actually responsible for global warming as many animals are killed to make the leather balls. But Thala is not selfish, he will not hit the ball hard and kill animals as he cares for nature and not just his personal records.

He has achieved so much in cricket and now is the time to give it back to nature and cricket. Dhoni fans are critical of Hardik Pandya too as Pandya’s strike rate is increasing all the time and animals suffer due to him.