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Dhoni: Was so shocked by Jadeja's shot that I forgot to make runs at the end

03, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

In his prime, former India skipper MS Dhoni was known to be one of the best finishers in the business when it came to chasing down targets. But on Sunday, he showed that he lacks that ability anymore and has taken too much pressure on his shoulders. He might dream of representing India in the 2019 World Cup, but he definitely needs to prove his worth if he wishes to fulfil his dream. The shocking reason Dhoni gave for his slow batting was the terrible shot played by Jadeja. Dhoni1_PTI

In fact Dhoni and Jadeja were trying to stitch a partnership together after the departure of Pandya, It was clearly visible that Dhoni wanted Jadeja to just stay there and support him as he had the experience of finishing such matches in the past. But Jadeja being Jadeja, a person who went against the whole nation in running out Pandya at the CT finals, now attempted a shot that is not even defined in the cricket books.

Dhoni was seen so frustrated after the Jadeja shot that it took him ages to recover from it. Dhoni got so engrossed in understating the reason why Jadeja played that shot that he himself forgot the required run rate. And after that waht happened was just the consequences of not supporting your senior partner.

Kohli came to the rescue of Jadeja, after the match when he said that,” Jadeja will take some time to understand that All-rounders have tyo score runs as well. ACtually we belong to a nation where all-rounders in a scare breed, and Jadeja is still not able to come to terms with the fact that he has to contribute with the bat also. That may be the reason that he tried too hard and got out eventually.”

People who were shouting some days back that this Indian team doesn’t require a coach are the same ones who want a coach to guide the team through in situations like yesterday.