Dhoni slams Australian team for copying his style of dragging the match till the last ball

25, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

After being criticized for his slow strike rate in the T20 match against Australia, MS Dhoni said that he was being vilified for no reason. The veteran cricketer pointed that he was the victim instead while slamming the Australian team for copying his style of dragging the match till the last over.

Dhoni slams Aussie players
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Dhoni’s Defence-

While speaking to media persons and also justifying his slow scoring rate, the cricketer said, “You see when we are batting second, I know at what rate I am supposed to score so that we take the match to the final over and I get to hit the winning runs. That however doesn’t work when the team is batting first. In fact I am confused. I think I will have to discuss this with our coach.”

Speaking about the teams performance at the T20 match yesterday he said, “I particularly did not appreciate how the Australian batsmen dragged the match till the last ball when they very well could have finished it in the 19th over. I mean this is blatant copying. Even Anu Mallik changes a few words here and there to make it look like his original composition. But these Aussie batsmen had the gall to copy my style.”

The cricketer is now planning to patent his style of match finish which as some insiders say could also earn him a fee each time the result is decided on the last ball.

Coach Ravi Shastri was all in favor of patenting Dhoni’s style. “I still remember the World Cup final. Dhoni was phenomenal. If he has taken the risk to take it to the final over and still win the match for the country, then he deserves to patent it,” said the team India coach.

While most players supported Dhoni on this issue, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul refused to speak a word.