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In Diwali week even HR team remains busy; how can you sleep during match? Ganguly blasts Ravi Shastri

23, Oct 2019 By dasu

Kolkata: Ravi Shastri who loves his drink and sleep, was found napping during India vs SA 3rd test match. New BCCI president elect Sourav Ganguly has blasted Shastri for taking his job so lightly.

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“Khali Yo-Yo test players ke upar lagoo hai kya”, told Dada while speaking some reporters outside Eden Garden. “I won’t tolerate all this. Coach has to be as active as players are. Kuch kaam dhaam nahin hai toh PUBG khelo. But sleeping inside dressing room is not simply acceptable”.

“This is Diwali week; whole country is working hard to bring more lights to their life. Our HR persons at office who hardly get opportunity to work through the year, they also slug it out day and night to prepare all important Diwali Rangoli, finding suitable location for the main Diya or the overall lighting at office. Here is a person who is paid more than the money PM has spent in last one month in foreign trips, is sitting idle, doing nothing and sleeping”, dada told in his characteristic style.

Ganguly told he is going to ask coach selection committee it include tummy size check. “PM Modi has asked for fit India movement. Above 40-inch waist size persons won’t be shortlisted for any role in BCCI”, Dada remarked which rules out Shastri unless he joins VLCC quickly to do something.

After hearing Dada’s comment, Virender Sehwag enrolled for Dr. Batra’s miracle homeopathy on preventing hair loss. “Kya Pata, Kal ko selection committee says if you are bald like me, you can not apply for coach’s role. Then my entre future will be spent speaking about Sachin Tendulkar’s shots sitting inside commentary box”, told Sehwag.