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Dropped from 3rd test against Australia, Rohit Sharma already preparing to flop in 4th test

26, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Melbourne. Recovering from setback of getting dropped from 3rd test against Australia, ace talent Rohit Sharma was already seen preparing in the nets to flop in the 4th test.

Having observed the past trends of periods where he was immediately drafted back into squad after getting dropped for 1-2 games, Rohit is now absolutely sure of being part of playing 11 in 4th test, and wants to make his burden presence felt.

“Earlier I would get worried like Rahane and others and wonder if I can make a comeback after getting dropped, but not any longer,” confessed Rohit.

Rohit choosing the bat best suited for scoring a duck.
Rohit choosing the bat best suited for scoring a duck.

“Knowing how much Dhoni bhai and team management value my talent, I know my exclusion is only going to be short-lived. So I can’t rest, but will have to make sure my presence is felt in the next test where I am bound to get selected,” said Rohit.

“I think the team genuinely misses me when I am not there,” he added confidently.

Experts however claim the actual reason for the team (especially batsmen) backing Rohit way too much is because with him in playing 11, they are confident there would be someone compared to whom there performance would be better.

Faking News later caught Rohit Sharma practicing hard in the nets to get out of loose deliveries. He would get visibly upset every time he hit a good shot of those deliveries.

“You think it’s a joke to not perform on a regular basis. Mind you it’s not easy at all. You really need to have ability to not score and get out even against the likes of part timers like Watson and Co,” pointed Rohit, while rejoicing at having edged a non deviating delivery to keeper for a simple catch.

Meanwhile exclusion of Rohit from the team seems to have really affected the social networking sites like Twitter badly. According to reports, there was a drastic fall in traffic on Twitter, with many ‘Rohit Sharma trolls’ choosing not to log in after finding him dropped.

“We would have had to virtually shut our site for 5 days had they dropped Ishant Sharma too,” said CEO, Twitter India, as he tried to remain positive.