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Dropped from Zimbabwe series, Ravindra Jadeja vows to make a stronger come back to 'non-performance'

30, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Jamnagar. Alleged all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja who was dropped from upcoming Zimbabwe tour by Indian selectors, has today decided to make the most of the time spent off-field by coming back with even stronger non-performance, whenever selected again.

Jadeja while accepting decision of selectors vowed that he still had lot of non-performance left in him as a cricketer and had the ability to bounce back into playing 11.

“Not performing has always been my forte and I won’t compromise on this natural game of mine, just because my critics are slamming me. I was given the title of SIR because of this and have been in team for this long only because of my consistency in not performing,” Jadeja told Faking News, when asked if he was planning to bring about a change in his game.

This is how serious Jadeja is about making a comeback.
This is how serious Jadeja is about making a comeback.

Although Jadeja is still confused as to what led selectors to drop me and wonders if he inadvertently performed during Bangladesh tour.

“I am going through my videos and looking for those phases of the game where I may have lost focus and performed which eventually may have forced selectors to rest me,” he said.

“After having found out the reasons for my performance, I will work hard to iron out those flaws strengths and will further deteriorate whatever technique I possess,” he added.

Jadeja further pointed that age was on his side unlike others like Irfan Pathan, who has lost confidence of selectors, after experience and maturity over the time led him to start performing.

“I am not thinking about retiring till I have the passion to not play,” he said.

Meanwhile making a comeback into the side after a huge gap, the original Bench star of Indian team Manoj Tiwary, claims he is excited to given one more opportunity to represent and strengthen bench strength of Indian team.

“Over past couple of years, people had begun comparing Stuart Binny with me, while some even suggested that he has filled up my shoes bench. I think now is the time for me to shut those voices forever. I am not done,” Tiwary told Faking News.