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Duckworth-Lewis predict India winning a test series in Australia in year 2050

20, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Brisbane. After India lost second consecutive test to Australia, renowned cricket statisticians Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis today predicted an Indian test series victory on Australian soil in year 2050.

“Though Indian team has shown some progress in their performance from their last whitewash in year 2012, they have still not shown any signs of winning a test match leave alone a test series yet. Therefore taking into account their speed of progress and after discarding Rohit Sharma and Dhoni as captain from the playing 11, we have arrived at year 2050 being the year when India will finally win the test series in Australia by either 2-1 or 3-2 margin,” explained Frank Duckworth, calling it the toughest calculation they have done in their entire career of confusing cricket fans.

Indian fans hope this to be the scene in year 2050.
Indian fans hope this to be the scene in year 2050.

When asked why did they discard presence of Rohit Sharma, they argued his presence to be even more unpredictable a factor that rains.

“Well if Mr Talent is there in the playing 11, then our calculations show India achieving the feat only in year 2085,” pointed Lewis.

But the brighter side is that Duckworht Lewis expect Rohit to reach 50 figure mark by 2050. Though they remained tight lipped when asked if they were talking about an innings score or Rohit’s aggregate in entire test series.

However Dhoni chose to overlook the negative impact that Duckworth-Lewis claim of his presence as captain and like always chose to look at positives and hence agreed with the prediction, giving it his thumbs up.

“Well I have always said that D/L system favours side that is chasing and in this case we are chasing out first test match and series win in Australia, so I am sure the figure must be right,” Dhoni told Faking News.

However BCCI slammed Duckworth-Lewis and hailed Dhoni for his presence of mind that enabled India losing the second test in just 4 days.

“He plans everything in advance. He knew their was no point dragging the match and then losing it on 5th day. He instead chose to give one extra day for preparation of next test match. That’s why he is ahead of his times,” said a BCCI press release, defending Dhoni.