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Duncan Fletcher caught discussing Sachin’s retirement with fake Facebook profiles

21, Feb 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Brisbane, Australia. In a rare occurrence, Duncan Fletcher, the coach of Indian cricket team, was found busy doing some work earlier today. However, instead of coaching the team members, he was found discussing issues like Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement and rift between Sehwag and Dhoni on Facebook, that too using fake profiles with imaginary names.

The incident has shocked the Indian cricketers, who thought Fletcher was least bothered about them and he was being paid to do exactly that.

Duncan Fletcher, apparently coach of Indian team
Duncan Fletcher found working is a rare sight. Here he is seen taking notes, apparently to be posted as Facebook comments.

“He even knows our names!” exclaimed spinner Rahul Sharma, one of the team members not getting enough matches to lose, “He had made a fake profile called Patel Sharma, which clearly was coined after using my name and Parthiv Patel’s.”

Sources suggest that other Facebook profiles that Duncan Fletcher was found using were similarly absurd in names e.g. Ravichandran Jadeja and Irfan Yadav. These imaginary Indian cricket fans were then made to fight with each other and other genuine and fake Facebook profiles over issues like Sachin’s retirement and rift in the team.

“The moment India lost a match, Fletcher would use his fake profiles to start fights targeting Sachin, accusing the master blaster of denying India a victory by not scoring his 100th century or by blocking place in team for younger players,” a source told Faking News.

“If Sachin had retired, spirit of game wouldn’t have come into place and Thirimanne would have been given run out!” commented “Irfan Yadav” after today’s match, which led to abusive slugfest on a Facebook page named “main toh raste se ja raha tha” having 633992 likes.

While it’s a known fact that jobless people make fake profiles on Facebook and troll fellow users, this is only the second known case of a high profile user making fake profiles to initiate virtual fights. Earlier, Dibert creator Scott Adams was found doing the same, but only to target his critics.

“I think Fletcher is targeting critics preemptively,” an expert claimed, “He is making sure critics get occupied with issues around Sachin’s retirement and the so-called rift in the team and fail to notice his role in India’s dismal performance.”