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During Asia Cup final, Umpires will toss a coin to make decisions, expect greater accuracy

04, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dhaka: Stung by the criticism of poor umpiring during the ongoing Asia Cup in Bangladesh, ICC has swung into action to raise umpiring standards. During the final match of the tournament between hosts Bangladesh and India, umpires will toss a coin before taking a call on an appeal.

The coin toss is set to have a greater role
The coin toss is set to have a greater role

Umpiring during the tournament has attracted criticism from all quarters with umpires routinely giving not out as out and out as not out. There were widespread calls to provide spectacles to all umpires but ICC has preferred the more reliable coin toss.

Every time there will be an appeal; umpires will toss a coin to decide if it is out or not. If on field umpires aren’t happy with their coin, they can ask 3rd umpire to toss his coin to help with the decision.

Speaking to Faking News, an ICC spokesperson said explaining the decision, “Well we had to do something about the standard of umpiring. We could ignore 1 or 2 bad calls but when every decision is wrong, you have got to make adjustments. With a coin toss, there is a 50% probability of getting a decision right, which is more than what we have now with the current umpires officiating in the tournament.”

“We had a long discussion over the use of DRS for the big final but eventually decided against it. One, the cost of getting the DRS technology installed in the stadium would have been much greater than 2 one Re coins that we need now. Secondly, trying to convince India to use DRS is like banging your head against a particularly hard wall so we chose to go with the coin toss”, the spokesperson went on to add.

While the umpires have taken offense at the lack of confidence in them, cricketers from both sides have welcomed this decision. Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar has even asked whether this decision can be applied retrospectively to check all his dismissals while Steve Bucknor was umpiring.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza has asked whether they can toss a coin to check whether THAT ball during 2015 World Cup was a No Ball or not.