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Eden Gardens Curator Prabir Mukherjee arrested

09, Dec 2012 By Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya

Kolkata. High drama unfolded around lunch time here today as sleuths from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in a joint-operation, arrested the 84-year old curator of the Eden Gardens Mr. Prabir Mukherjee.

He was arrested under the National Security Act, 1980. The action was taken following a complaint from the BCCI.

Eden Gardens pitch
Investigators collecting samples from the place where Indian honor was threatened due to pernicious acts of Prabir Mukherjee

The BCCI, in their official statement, said, “The third test match lasted for five days as Mr. Prabir Mukherjee failed to create a pitch that would give us a result in three days. He has costed our national cricket team two precious days of rest before the fourth test at Nagpur. We deem his actions as anti-national.”

MP Rajeev Shukla was furious and echoed the BCCI views, “India played well, Zaheer consistently bowled faster than Panesar and our young batsmen showed that they can match Sachin’s recent average. It was the pitch that stopped us from losing within three days. Mr. Mukherjee’s work ethics have shamed us all.”

In a brief interaction with this Faking News reporter, Sehwag was candid as always: “Naturally Indian cricket fans are disappointed with our performance and so are we but don’t forget that our team is capable of loosing within 3 days on any kind of pitch conditions. We will give our best.”

In a separate development, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut confirmed that BCCI has approached him to prepare the pitch for the Nagpur test. He said, “Shiv Sena will not tolerate that our cricket team has to toil for 4-5 days to lose a test match, that too in home conditions”.

“Shiv Sena will dig deep to prepare the pitch exactly as Dhoni wants. If the English do not win the test match in a few hours then we will teach them how to play cricket in Shiv Sena style,” he added.

Meanwhile, it is learned that Mr. Prabir Mukherjee has been detained at an unknown location; he is considered to be a high-risk security threat to the heroes of Indian cricket.