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Employees ransack office after having missed Sachin’s double century

24, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Employees of an IT company went berserk and ransacked their office beyond recognition after they realized that the system administrators had blocked access to Cricinfo and other cricket based websites on office computers. The management had already disallowed watching sports or even news channels during international cricket matches involving India for over a year now, leaving the employees to get updates from Cricinfo and other websites.

A pall of gloom descended over the employees of SA Technologies Limited around lunch time when they discovered this new decree, but the employees went violently furious by the end of the office time around 6.15 PM, when they realized that they had missed the legendary innings of Sachin Tendulkar – the first ever double century scored in a one-day international cricket match.

“Come on man, don’t we have basic human rights guaranteed here? The whole nation was rejoicing and here we had no idea what was happening. This is criminal. It is high time “right to watch cricket” is declared a fundamental right.” Aadeesh Deshpande, one of the aggrieved employees complained.

Sachin Tendulkar
Some people believe he is legend, some think he is God, others don’t have a right to life

Employees have been sitting outside their office since 6.30 PM and demanding compensation from the management and the owners of the company for denying them a chance to witness this historical moment. The amount or the nature of compensation is not yet known, but the management has promised to gift authenticated VCDs of Sachin Tendulkar’s innings to all the employees.

Meanwhile, Cricket fans from all over the country too have come up in support of these employees and have pushed for constitutional reforms in the country so that no one else goes through the same torture in the future.

“If one can’t declare a new fundamental right of watching cricket, at least declare Sachin as God, what more proof is needed now?” said one of the Sachin fans, arguing that if Sachin was declared God, stopping people from watching cricket would amount to stopping someone from practicing their religion, and hence unconstitutional.