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England player throws KKR jersey in Ishant Sharma’s hotel room

25, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. An unidentified and suspected English cricketer has thrown a Kolkata Knight Riders’ t-shirt in the hotel room of Ishant Sharma, team sources inform. Team management believes that this has been done to “mentally injure” the Indian fast bowler and further deplete team India, which has already lost some key players due to injury and ill-health on its England tour.

Ishant Sharma had a forgettable stint for KKR in the first three seasons of IPL, where he couldn’t perform well despite being trained by Wasim Akram, a fast bowling legend. However, Ishant was a completely transformed bowler in the fourth season of the IPL after he left KKR.

“It is clearly an attempt to depress Ishant by reminding him of his KKR days. They want to push him in a corner where he starts doubting his own abilities,” Indian team manager Anirudh Chowdhary alleged, “This is not in the spirit of the game and we will complain to the higher authorities.”

Ishant Sharma performs at the IPL Awards Night at the Grand Hyatt on April 23, 2010 in Mumbai.
Experts believe that such performances by Ishant in the IPL completely confused him about the realities on the ground

Sources inform that the Indian team management is planning to write a letter to Prince Charles regarding the incident.

“Charles is hardly in news these days as the only Prince people seem to care about these days is Williams and his new family after the Royal Wedding. BCCI is hopeful that Prince Charles will feel good and honored by this gesture and might take some steps to punish the erring cricketers,” our source said.

It’s not yet clear if it was some English player or someone else who threw the KKR jersey in Ishant’s hotel room, but needle of suspicion in on England players, especially on Matt Prior, who kept on addressing Kevin Pietersen as K.. K.. K.. K.. Kevin in the first innings when Ishant Sharma was bowling.

Ishant went wicketless after conceding 128 runs in 32 overs in the first innings while Pior and Pietersen were involved in a 120 runs partnership.

“I don’t know what he did or said again in the second innings, but we suspect it’s him as it halted Ishant’s onslaught after he came out to bat,” a member of Indian team management told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

Experts point out that such strategies to upset cricketers from the rival team during their stay at hotels are not new.

“English cricketers’ performance had suffered when they were woken up by a false fire alarm set up by Australian fans two years ago,” Rahul Saraf, a cricket expert recalled, “Now the English cricketers might be trying the same tricks on their rivals. Rooms of all other cricketers should be searched.”

Team management tried its best to find out if there were any pictures of Sreesanth, Symonds, or Mallya thrown in the room of Harbhajan Singh, but none were discovered.