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England request a square turner for the 4th test so that they have an excuse after losing

29, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mohali: India outplayed England during the 3rd test match of the 5 match series taking a 2-0 lead. While the England camp focused on the toss as the deciding factor after the Vizag loss, they couldn’t do so in Mohali as Cook had won the toss. Now, to have an excuse ready for the loss in the next test, England Cricket Board has requested a square turner for the match in Mumbai.

Indian team
Indian team celebrating after winning the match, English players celebrated earlier, after the toss.

“We had our excuses ready before coming here. We will blame the pitch if we lose and move on. However, India took that away from us by preparing these pitches that don’t deteriorate much as the game progresses. Apart from some uneven bounce, there was little else that we could blame the pitch for. This is not good hospitality at all by the Indians. If you aren’t going to let us win, at least give us a solid excuse”, a member of the English squad said.

“The first test was drawn so we had to pretend that toss didn’t play any important part. Second test was easy, we lost the toss, and therefore we lost the game. However, we are stuck now. Do we go out and accept that we aren’t actually as good as the Indian team? That will really affect the morale of the team and as we have been told by ECB, dressing room morale is more important than winning on the ground. If India gives us a dustbowl during the next test, we can lose inside 7-8 sessions, blame the pitch and go in to the 5th test with some positive feeling”, he added.

However, some members of the touring party aren’t happy with the request for a pitch that turns square from the 1st session. “So far on this tour, only time we have celebrated was when Cook won the toss in Mohali. A pitch turning from day 1 will also make the toss irrelevant and there will be nothing to celebrate if we win the toss”, a young player said on the condition of anonymity.