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English players upset with Pakistan’s Push-ups celebration, ask them to urinate on the pitch like normal people

19, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Pakistan’s 75 runs win over England at Lord’s has left English players in a very bad mood. It was not the defeat that hurt them though; it was Pakistan’s celebrations after the match that has really hit them hard. After their victory, Pakistan team, led by veteran Younis Khan, got in a Military formation and did push-ups on the ground.

Pakistani team
Pakistani celebration that hurt Cook more than their loss

This was not the first instance of the push-ups appearing as a celebration during the match. Pakistani captain Misbah Ul Haq did 10 push-ups after he reached his 100 on the opening day. While Alastair Cook had already spoken about how he found the celebrations unpleasant, former teammate Tim Bresnan took to twitter to tell Pakistan team that it may come back to haunt them.

“That celebration was really bizarre and really offensive to us. That is not how you celebrate a victory. We know, we have won plenty of times before and we never did something similar. If you really want to celebrate a win, you go out there like gentlemen and you urinate on the pitch. That is the spirit of Cricket”, said an English fast bowler who was speaking to us on the condition of anonymity.

When we asked what was so offensive about push-ups, the fast bowler said, “Firstly, these military exercises suggest that we are fighting a war, we are not. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and we must not compare it to a violent war. Secondly, Lord’s is sacred turf, not just for us but for the game of Cricket itself. While they were doing their exercises, they were pushing this turf down. Now you have to say that is very offensive. Just have a beer, throw some champagne around, piss on the pitch, and just be normal instead of doing these push-ups.”

When we asked Misbah Ul Haq for his reaction to comments by English players, he did 10 push-ups in front of us as a response.