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If even the boundaries had tied, we would have had an arm wrestling contest between the captains to decide the winner: ICC

15, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Facing heavy criticism over its rules that gave England and edge over New Zealand in Cricket World Cup finals, ICC today released a statement to clarify its position. Fans were left wondering as to how the cricketing body would have decided on a winner had both teams tied on boundaries too.

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Citing rulebook an ICC spokesperson drew attention to the rule which states that in case of tie over scoring boundaries, both captains would be asked to participate in an arm wrestling match.

The arbitrary rule was hurriedly included in the rule book after yesterdays match saw many questioning the cricketing body.

While speaking to our reporter the spokesperson said, “We had not anticipated that any match would get this close. Maybe it was lack of thinking or the guys framing the rules are just plain lazy. But now we need to ensure that even in situation like these we have a clear winner.”

Sources say that an emergency meeting was called by the ICC after the match to have a relook at the rules. Ideas ranging from having the captains run a 100m race to football match between the teams were looked into before finalizing on arm-wrestling.

Many aspiring cricket players who were unaware of this rule are now hitting the gym to get muscular arms and not leaving anything to chance.

Indian captain Virat Kohli, who frequently shared his workout videos on social media, said that he would have surely got the World Cup to India had the team been in the finals and number of boundaries tied.

Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed wasn’t too sure about the idea of arm wrestling working out for him and wanted something out-of-the-box like a burger eating competition to decide the winner.