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Expert claims Sachin has a new world record – maximum number of farewell events

19, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Sachin Tendulkar is reported to have created a world record for attending the maximum numbers events centered on the same theme – his retirement from international cricket – with the latest event being a dinner party organized last night.

“And it’s not over, we are sure there will be more,” claimed an expert Vinod Verma, who was accused of being a Tendulkar fan as well as hater by Tendulkar critics and supporters respectively.

Sachin Tendulkar Farewell
Experts differ if Sachin, due to people around him, is crying here at one of such event.

Vinod said that Sachin Tendulkar’s aggressive footwork was to be credited for him being present at all such events and breaking this record.

The record was previously held by Shah Rukh Khan, who was present at all events with a central theme of Ra.One promotion.

“While SRK’s attendance was voluntary, the same can’t be said about Sachin’s,” Vinod clarified voluntarily.

There are speculations whether the legend slowed down while approaching a century of such events. Vinod is currently analyzing the time between two successive events and has promised to prove it either way using statistics.

Sources tell Faking News that after seeing Sachin at one such event on the television, Hollywood’s famous party animal Charlie Sheen called his wife and asked her, “Don’t you think this guy attends functions a lot like me?”

Although he had planned to retire and spend some time with his family in private, such reports in media forced Sachin to issue a public statement.

“I was never attending the events for records. They just happened in the process. My upbringing makes it difficult for me to say No to people,” the Bharat Ratna recipient clarified.

Bharat Ratna se yaad aaya, Sachin Tendulkar also broke the record of Rajiv Gandhi for being the youngest ever person to receive the highest civilian award,” Vinod told Faking News when asked why was he focusing on world records when Sachin denies any such motive.

Latest reports say that another expert is doing some number crunching to find out if Sachin had created another world record by making most number of people cry at a given time after giving his emotional farewell speech.

The record is currently held by Sajid Khan who successfully managed to make millions cry after making them watch Himmatwala.