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Fake match planned after cricketers refuse to play another India-Sri Lanka match

09, Jul 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. After cricket fans, who complained of fatigue due to too many matches between India and Sri Lanka, it’s the turn of players. Cricketers belonging to India and Sri Lanka have expressed unwillingness to play tonight’s match that will decide the finalists of the ongoing tri-series in West Indies.

“They are bored of seeing each other and don’t want to play another match between them,” a BCCI source confirmed, “MS Dhoni injured himself and took a break, but rest of the players feel stuck with Sri Lanka. Now they have rebelled openly.”

Cricketers celebrating after they found out that they don’t have to play another match

Cricketers from Sri Lanka too are reported to be bored as they are not too excited to be in the company of Indian players unless it’s an IPL match.

Facing this crisis where cricketers may not turn up for the match, BCCI has come up with a master plan to fake tonight’s match. Needless to say, ICC and Sri Lanka Cricket have agreed to whatever BCCI proposed.

“We are going to stage a fake match,” a source in the BCCI leaked the information to Faking News, “Management and admin guys from the cricket boards will wear national colors and play the match in the stadium, while viewers will see cricketers playing on their TV sets.”

“We are sure that no one in the stadium will notice as crowds in West Indies anyway come to the stadium to blow horns and drink beer,” the source explained the rationale, “While people back in India watching the match on TV will see recording of earlier matches between India and Sri Lanka.”

The fake match on TV will be a mixture of overs selected among innumerable matches played between India and Sri Lanka in recent past, and they will be mixed cleverly so that people don’t spot that they are watching an old match.

“We are taking precautions such as not to include overs where Tendulkar or Sehwag could be seen on screen as this could alert viewers that they are watching a fake match,” the source claimed.

BCCI will repeat this experiment of showing fake matches if they receive positive response tonight.

“We won’t need to worry about rains washing away matches and we can earn ad revenues by showing fake matches on TV,” the BCCI source enumerated the benefits.

“The only thing we need make sure is not to organize any fake match in Gujarat. Anything fake outside the state won’t get noticed,” the source claimed.