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Fans reject Messi's international retirement; demand a referendum on “Mexit”

27, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Jersey: Lionel Messi shocked the Footballing world here today by announcing his retirement from international Football after losing yet another final with Argentina. Messi’s Argentina was beaten in penalties of the Copa America final by Chile for the second time in 2 years. Messi announced his retirement shortly afterwards.

Lionel Messi
End of an era?

However, Football fans from around the globe have rejected this retirement by Messi and asked for a referendum on “Mexit” before they let him retire. Fans took to the streets of his hometown of Rosario among other places and asked Messi to take their feelings in consideration before finalizing this retirement.

“He can’t retire, not without winning the World Cup with Argentina. We are not going to let this happen. Referendums are in vogue right now so we can have a referendum, he can see how many fans are against Mexit. If referendums are good enough for England, where Football originated, then referendums are good enough to take a call on a footballer’s retirement”, said an Argentine fan in Buenos Aires.

Not just his fellow countrymen, but fans across the world were devastated by this announcement and hoping for a u-turn. “Footballers have a limited playing life and we want to see the beauty of Messi at every opportunity we can get. If he restricts himself to Barcelona, we miss out on his genius in all major tournaments along with international friendlies. This is not fair on Football fans. He is just 29, he hasn’t even hit his peak yet. What is the rush to retire?” asked an upset fan from Mumbai, India.

While fans are looking to work out the logistics of conducting such a large scale referendum, many others are busy trying to convince Messi to accept this referendum’s verdict as his final decision. Many fans were also protesting outside the Argentine Football Association, an organization with which Messi has had a troubled relationship in the lead up to Copa America final.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo fans have already taken the moment to crown Ronaldo as the best active international player.